Trailblazer's Club

Important Message about the Trailblazer's upcoming year.

Startup and information meeting in the country: Saturday February 4th. at 1pm at the House Civic 3855 Hwy 231 in South Granville PEI

To see if there is an interest in Charlottetown there will be an information meeting Wednesday February 1st at 6pm At the Royalty Centre on Enman Crescent Room 205.

I would like parents to accompany the Newbies at their first meeting.

The club is supported by members. There is no charge, but only the cost of liability insurance, to learn at the Sanctuary. Kids passionate about horses can join at age 10. Trailblazers support their passion with the Fathers Day Draw each June. The monies from the raffle pay for food at summer camp, trailering horses to various events or parades, and special coaching.

The year starts the first Saturday in February. During the school year Trailblazers meet on Saturdays 10am - 4pm. During the summer we have camps and special days. The weekends we leave free for shows or expeditions.

For the age group 14 years to 25 years members are registered for the Duke of Edinburgh Challenge Award. Medals are earned progressively through participation in Skills learned, Physical Fitness, Community Service and Expeditions.

Trailblazers Dukes
At the age of 14 members are enrolled in the Duke of Edinburgh Challenge Awards.  The awards are earned through Community Service, Skills Learned, Physical Fitness and Expeditions.

This year Zoe was awarded her Gold Medal by his Royal Highness Prince Edward at a beautiful ceremony held at Fanningbank Home of the Lieutenant Governor, Leonce Bernard..   Sam was awarded her Silver medal in October.   Sam has completed all the necessaries except the expedition for her gold medal.  The three Emilies completed their Bronze expedition on the Thanksgiving weekend during all that wind and rain.  Zoe and two newbies Alison and Brittany accompanied them on their journey.

"The Smalls"
July and August we provide a program for the "Smalls". This is a program of horsemanship for kids 5 to 9 years, passionate about horses. We offer Horsemanship on Tuesday or Thursday evenings rain or shine depending on numbers for an hour or so starting at 6:30pm. Those interested please call Yogi at 964-3220 or email [email protected]

Therefore we will be offering horsemanship on Tuesday evenings, rain or shine, for an hour at 6.30 pm starting Tuesday July 3rd, 2007.

Fathers Day Draw

Trailblazers have to support their passion. So we have a Draw every spring, each member is challenged to sell fifty tickets. 12 members sold all of their tickets and were superbly rewarded.

The monies received will provide the food for camps, trailering to a events and shows during our club year.

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  Trailblazer's Club  
  The club is supported by members. Kids passionate about horses can join at age 10. Learn More!!  
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